Monday, August 24, 2015

cute mini interview

The new Tag You're It! interview thing has been hittin up the blogging world lately, and I have been tagged! Shoutout to the bad ass chick running Bad Sass, Madison, for tagging me! Her blog is like stepping into a dream, so go on over to her blog and drool over her amazing photosets and enjoy every bit of her witty writing! Alright, while I'm counting down from 100, here goes the Q&A.

How did you get into blogging?
The idea for creating this blog is 100% indebted to Tavi. I was 14/15 when I first stumbled across The Style Rookie and later Rookie, and I was at a point in my life where I felt really stuck. I yearned for some type of clarity in my life, and what Tavi was doing over on her blog really gave me that spark! From her I became introduced to people like Petra Collins, Olivia Bee, countless female feminist role models, and I fell in love with the supportive, glowingly positive blogging community. I saw all of these girls TEARING. IT. UP.  with their intelligent writing, music, fashion, and art, so it was hard to resist getting a blog at that point for the sole purpose of being creative, being real, and support others doing the same! 

What advice would you give to a blogger just starting out?
If you're a blogger just starting out, I'm going to borrow from Amelia Cutler's (of Skinny Girl Diet) advice in the 35th issue of i-D: stalking is a crime, walk your own path. Regarding my professional goals, these are the words I now live by. Take as much inspiration as you can from others, but what you do and create is uniquely your's; embrace the hell out of whatever it may be and others will naturally follow suit.

What would be your dream campaign?
THERE ARE SO MANY *starts sweating*
Okay to answer this question I'm kinda going to go around it so I can avoid picking one lmao I'd first have to @god for him to have me be born in the 70s-80s so that I could have worked with Thierry Mugler for his ss 1997 haute coutoure collection. Of course I would've also liked to been able to keep a few of the masterpieces.
typical, casual daily wear

Do you have a plan for your blog?
I don't have any concrete plans for this blog! I think starting out I thought it'd be cool to have this blog get like really big and basically follow in the footsteps of Tavi. But a lot has changed since then and I've grown a lot. I still love Rookie but a part of me feels like I've phased out of it a little bit? I don't see blogging being "my thing" in the future if that makes sense, but my plan for the present is to continue loving it for the people it's connected me with and for it being this space where I can talk about any topic and not feel censored or structured.

What do you think about rankings?
Ya know, I'm not quite sure what this question even means lol If it means rankings like how high or low a blog is ranked based on numbers, I say ew fuck ratings. Ya girl has stalked a bunch of blogs, and I've yet to come across one that wasn't extremely cool and lovable, regardless of the following it had. I think everyone in the blogging community is truly doing some incredibly great stuff and delivering super thoughtful, yet natural content and I love it all <3

98..99...100! Ready or not, here I come! I'm tagging:
Autumn / baby auts
Victory / vogue escapade
Vivian / 5th echelon
and anyone else who wants to do it!


Tuesday, August 4, 2015


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The trip there:
I woke up at 4:30am and drove with my parents for 8 hours. We'd be in an alternate universe if I told you that it wasn't all worth it.

All of the trees in Georgia are perfectly aligned in rows and columns. I was constantly overtaken with the desire to jump out the car and sprint through the aisles towards infinity.

The view from my floor at Turner House

About a week before my trip, my mom and I found an old, unused disposable camera that expired in 2007. I knew it would be really neat to see how the pictures would come out, and I wasn't disappointed by the mid 80s/Seinfeld vibes they turned out to have.

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My baddies, on our first full day in the courtyard where we were welcomed the evening before with "Latch" reverberating off the palm trees and frozen hot chocolate.

By far the most special part of my trip was meeting so many people from all over the country and other countries as well.  Everyone was so open and chill, the perfect combination to complement the widespread SCAD stoner culture! Right next to our dorm was "The Stoner's Pizza Joint", and I had the best conversation about ghosts in my writing class with a grad student who also shared stories about his experiences on acid. 

When you venture towards Broughton street, among other retail nirvanas like UO, Free People, Goodwill, etc. etc., Marc Jacobs is one of the first stores you see on the second corner. We were so hesitant to enter out of the idea that we would ruin everything in the store, but one of the guys who worked there was outside and encouraged us to come in! We settled upon this cute teddy bear that we thought was weird to be in a Marc Jacobs store; upon closer inspection, the price tag was $20 lmao we left and got coconut water


I was trying so hard to capture a shot of the full Trustees Theater sign, but everyone was moving so fast to get inside. Alas, I instead caught this accidental picture of my wifey Claire

Turner House

The Thunderbird Inn

Closing exhibition, where we looked at stunning art work and felt like adults

I was DYING when we walked by this McDonalds because its the first legitimate WALK THROUGH drive-thru I've ever seen in person?!?! So convenient for the one who wants to eat whatever the hell they want and feel good about it, too.

90s rave *cue "Poison" by Bel biv devoe and the Kid n' Play dance*

This week was the first time I ever worked in a dark room which was a little intimidating at first, but the process was much easier than I expected. 

Makin a B line 

Bringing back up the aforementioned stoner, I knew Savannah had a ghostly subculture, but it wasn't anything I really paid attention to until I came home and did (well, my mom did) laundry. I pulled these shorts that I wore in Savannah out of the dryer and found this etched into the pocket. "Carol" was never there before; I even googled this short to see if this was purposefully part of the design, but I came up with nothing.*cries bc scared cries bc lowkey honored a ghost would follow ya girl*

Mac perfectly dropped this new track during my stay in Savannah. Perfectly, because it captures every sense of my unforgettable 7 days <3 Hope you guys are enjoying the last few days of what I hope to be a lovely summer x


Sunday, July 12, 2015

don't let it break your heart

Pretty things from June/July <3

I saw a bride and groom and a dog walking down the street this day. It was just the 3 of them. He was holding her small bouquet, and it was the sweetest thing to see.




Maynard's again and I don't think the owner realizes I come here sometimes just because it's so pretty

We just came back from this new diner in town and stopped by a gas station to pee. We (aka I) wanted to take faux candids and this one was actually a legit one. Shoutout to my killer parking job too amirite!


Been feeling this a lot lately. Carrie always serving it up to me straight.

I'm spending the next week in Savannah for an art camp (even though I'm taking writing and photography) at SCAD which I'm super duper stoked about!!! Can't wait to write about my experiences when I get back!! I started packing when I noticed I literally only wear black and or white shoes.

Title: "Don't Let It Break Your Heart" by Coldplay. Mylo Xyloto is seriously full of so many hidden bangers. I also can't get enough of Chris' dancing.

Not only is the new Beach House crystal pure, but it's also oddly affectatious. It sounds like a beginning, a journey, and an ending all in one. It's effervescence is oddly what makes it so wistful. But the most poignant moment came to me when I made the mistake of reading this spectacular Eddie O'Keefe poem while listening to this song.

A Poem For My Unborn Children (Eddie O’KEEFE)

hey kids
it’s your old man
it’s june 12th, 2015
i’m 26 years old
almost 27
i’m writing this poem
on chateau marmont stationary
which is only 10% an affectation
i would have used my phone
but they’re playing music from it right now
(i know what you’re thinking
your dad wrote poems at hotel parties
but trust me,
it’s not what you think)
i just want to tell you that
i can’t wait to meet you
one day
though that might not be for a long while
i hope you understand
i have dreams and art in me
that i need to raise first
before you become my reasons for
i promise to love you
more than i have ever loved anything
i promise to put you first and do my best
i’m going to be strong and just and like a lion for you
i want you to inherit the best world possible
just wait and see
this place of the living is
and you’re going to like it when you get here
but it’s complicated
and there are things about it that aren’t quite fair
there is stuff i’d prefer you didn’t know or see
but i can’t protect you from it all
i can’t protect you from any of it, really
it can be hard
it can be ruthless
it can break your heart and your spirit and your back
but then there are
like the one i’m in the middle of right now
here at this
corny magic hotel
that give you a feeling in your chest like
the entire world is pulverizing
your heart
with love
and you’ll find yourself writing a poem
to your unborn sons and daughters
in the middle of a party
on a kethcup stained couch
as mr. tamborine man plays
and you’ll
I BAWLED at the beauty the combination made! Got me thinking about a lot of things like how recently the thought of having kids in the future seems less ideal than it did before because now I'm selfish and I have SO much I want to experience and accomplish and push into the world before I bring kids into the equation. And conversely, I just started reflecting on the sacrifices parents make in general and how much hard work they put in just to provide the best life possible for you. My heart just soared and gained an additional pulse to the already existing one, kinda reminiscent of How The Grinch Stole Christmas (the Jim Carrey version, of course)


All pics from the depths of tumblr