Monday, March 16, 2015

looking for fossils

Ya know those bands whose music gives you a particular reminiscent feeling that makes you lazily think "this is the music i'm gonna purchase on vinyl one day and bug my kids with in the future"? Since I was 13 Beach Fossils has been a heavy, homey part of my life, creating tunes that resonate with me on every level. They were the first band from the Captured Tracks label that I got into, and they were the gateway drug to other gems like Wild Nothing, DIIV, Craft Spells, Mac Demarco, and Perfect Pussy. From their obviously amazing musical creations to their cool, friendly personalities, Dustin, Jack, and the two Tommy's make life that much more rosy, and for that I'm eternally grateful. 

Shoutout to beach fossils for landing me my most successful tumblr text post 

And when they ask all the time
Say I'm doing just fine
Close your eyes and tell me how you feel
Can you feel the truth and is it real?

My first band tee next to my first band/bayonet records poster (also my first!) 

                  idk man i just love taking #natural #allreal #noedit pictures

my awesome mother took a picture of my outfit before I went to school a few mornings ago but too bad I usually look like a velociraptor at 8am. THERFORE I cropped in a less reptitilian version of my face <3

                bathtubs are seriously so slept on as prime locations for outfit pictures 

t-shirt: bayonet records
denim jacket: maurices--originally they were long sleeved but I cut em up
pants: forever 21
sandals: teva


bad black jacket brigade 

The other fitting fossils I've been looking for
ft. a clam named shelly
a snail shell named luke
(i do not just randomly name my stuff lol these were all school projects/dissections)
a native american arrow head with no name
a few leaves that were once so bright in the fall

 a new song that this band of boys hid in this incredible showcase, and every time I listen to it it's like uncovering it for the first time all over again
 (skip to 42:00)

peace out 


Wednesday, March 11, 2015

gucci: a dedication


Hello beauties! Fall winter 2015 fashion week is indeed dwindling down, but there was a show over in Milan about a week ago (week ago!) that is still flourishing in my mind long after its final model left the runway. Gucci freakin fw15. Gucci is a house that has always been associated with luxury, grandeur, and hearty wealth and consistently delivered with broad, sleek appeal for the sexy "Gucci woman". I've recently been trying to sharpen my knowledge of icons and people in the fashion industry, so what on earth else would I be doing on a lazy Saturday night? Watching The Director:An Evolution in Three Acts on Netflix. The Director is a personal behind the scenes look of Gucci's former Creative Director, Frida Giannini that spans 18 months behind the walls of the iconic Italian fashion house, exploring the intricacies and inspiration behind Frida's GENIUS. 

In The Director you are introduced to Alessandro Michele, jewelry designer for Gucci and man with jesus-esque locks of hair, who had been working with Frida for years, and most recently has been named the new creative director for Gucci. This season he debuted his first line for the house, and he brought the house DOWN--the audience I mean.

Michele brings Gucci back to its roots, conveying this shift through lace and floral detail, bird embroidery, warm, subdued spring, vivid colors, and freakin fur. These are some of my favorites from both the men's and women's line <3

Sources: Google images/


The main criticism is a lack of sophistication. This is Gucci, after all -- a brand with a storied archive that Michele is more than familiar with, but is not allowing to weigh him down. In a mission statement on each seat at the show entitled "The Contemporary is the Untimely,” he wrote: “There is no room for consolatory nostalgia."
                             -Chantel Fernandez for

Gucci is giving us a glimpse into its charging future, and "Druun" by DIIV sounds like it's down for a rebirth too.


Monday, February 23, 2015

press pause

Typically when I'm listening to a song or watching a music video on Youtube, I swipe through the comments to do a quick scroll, and sometimes there's some sweet gems amidst the trolling comments of "this is real music!!1", "fuckin hipsters", and the like. I have to give a lot of credit to this magical music channel Majestic Casual for delivering some top notch, world-slowing tunes that do attract people who say things like "eargasm" BUT also those who have the deepest, most eloquent things to say that probably match exactly what you were thinking and feeling while listening. Some of these are old and some of these are new, but they're all comments that make me stop and think about the person who wrote it. What their day must've been like or how they feel just as fanatic over my favorite bands as I do <3

Okay, this jam is special. I've been enchanted by "Snare" by these cool aussie twins for quite some time now and have been bumpin this song every day because it NEVER GETS OLDDD. It's completely envigorating, and it's the type of song I'd play before I'd enter the hunger games or some shit

"finally something to make me feel again"-youtube user sokewt

"this song is oddly perfect.
It's kinda like setting off on a journey at 4am and missing everything you love as soon as you step out of the door.

Everything goes, but you realize some other strange truth.

Sorry." -youtube user RobbieMissile


Thursday, February 19, 2015

the great gras

Hey yall! Mardi Gras is a holiday that isn't celebrated in a lot of places, but in the south along the gulf coast and probably in France Mardi Gras is a crazy huge deal. Parades run rampant filled with revelers ready to dance and throw/catch beads, glow sticks, teddy Bears, moon pies, and other festive trinkets. I'm not the biggest on Mardi Gras, but every year my town has a night parade and anything that involves thousands of lights and a moon overhead draws me to it. So me and my friend went on down this past Friday the 13th for a night that would definitely go down as one of the spookiest of our Mardi Gras break.

The sky earlier that day 

The sky that evening, transformed into something completely heavenly 

Before the official parade started with all of the big floats, there was a string of sports cars that led the way, and they were c l a s s y. Each one made me want to hop in them and toss thousand dollar bills (they make those, right?) out the car window

 "Gatsby believed in the green light, the orgastic future that year by year recedes before us. " We've just finished reading The Great Gatsby in English so you could say I'm inspired. Though I'd already seen the movie, the book revealed Fitzgerald's utterly beautiful wording and imagery that I think justifies the novel's classicism. 

Okay this is lowkey cheesy BUT I got this poster when I was 5, and it's been taped to the back wall of my closet ever since. A few nights ago as I was attempting to clear my closet, I separated my hangers to find this poster still there. With most Mardi Gras events/parades there's a queen and king so I thought this poster was fitting, but even more than that, this poster just struck me as impressively deep for a Disney princess poster. I didn't think much of it when I was 5, but in hindsight, I'm smiling at the innocent good vibes this probably brought to me way back when. 

A traditional part of the night parade is this assembly of rockette-esque mystical, gypsy-like women, and men with huge stalks of flowers that they hand out to the ladiez at the parade. After one of them hands you a flower, he will joyously wish you a happy Mardi Gras and/or pat their cheek for a kiss but that part is completely optional. They're always really cool and understand everyone's comfort level, so it's always just a rush of good vibes every which way you turn. After we were done with the parade, we left to fetch food and head to the beach, but we ended up getting lost driving down some sketchy back road leading to a bayou and every little thing just became x10 creepier!!! This is suffice to say that I've never wolfed down a thing of mozzarella sticks and sonic chicken tenders faster in my life.

a badass candid I recently found that was taken about a month ago in new orleans, the epicenter/Mecca for Mardi Gras where the good times really roll. Also shoutout to fancymuffin for the rad t-shirt they sent me that I'm wearing in this photo!

If you ever get a chance to celebrate Mardi Gras you totally should. It's all about green purple and gold in the air, an all around festive time, and tiny babies in king cakes, and what's better than that?

goo goo ga ga goo
(baby for see ya later)


Sunday, February 15, 2015

dreaming reality

Hellooo guys! I know a typical thing for a kid stuck in suburbia to do is to endlessly daydream of life one day in a big, bustling city. In this case, I'm okay with being typical. The goal is to go to college/uni in NYC and pursue a degree in communications and become a writer. That's the future's goal, so in order to get there, I'm presently in boss ass bitch mode in which I work my hardest to do whatever it takes in and out of school to make my dream a reality. Which includes a plethora of books to analyze, bio packets to cry over, but also, lazy outfits morphed into pretty decent ones and good music to keep me sane along the way.

From TV Girl's bandcamp on their cool album French Exit:

"French Exit is TV Girl's debut album. Depending on how you look at it. 12 songs about lost lust, too much love and not enough. For full credits, consult the liner notes at the end of the PDF that comes with the download. 

Features the alternate-world hit single "Birds Dont Sing" 

If you feel inclined to support the band financially, why not buy a vinyl or a t-shirt? You have to wear t-shirts anyways."

the headless woman--cause of headelessness/murder suspect: the advanced placement organization
t-shirt: gift from a friend
belt: urban outfitters
pants: urban outfitters
bdg loafers: urban outfitters

Pleasing pretty pics from tumblr to look at whenever you're stressin, grindin, or cryin

"You're always looking for the future
And rinsing out the dye
Looking for a moral to the story
That sounded good and happened to rhyme"

Photos from a picturesque, nostalgic music video for  "Gold in the Air" by Jesse Woods

I know I am, but who else is up for a getaway?! ( *Oprah springs up out of nowhere* YOU GET A GETAWAY, YOU AND YOU AND YOU GET A GETAWAY) The one by TV Girl is the next best thing <3