Sunday, July 12, 2015

don't let it break your heart

Pretty things from June/July <3

I saw a bride and groom and a dog walking down the street this day. It was just the 3 of them. He was holding her small bouquet, and it was the sweetest thing to see.




Maynard's again and I don't think the owner realizes I come here sometimes just because it's so pretty

We just came back from this new diner in town and stopped by a gas station to pee. We (aka I) wanted to take faux candids and this one was actually a legit one. Shoutout to my killer parking job too amirite!


Been feeling this a lot lately. Carrie always serving it up to me straight.

I'm spending the next week in Savannah for an art camp (even though I'm taking writing and photography) at SCAD which I'm super duper stoked about!!! Can't wait to write about my experiences when I get back!! I started packing when I noticed I literally only wear black and or white shoes.

Title: "Don't Let It Break Your Heart" by Coldplay. Mylo Xyloto is seriously full of so many hidden bangers. I also can't get enough of Chris' dancing.

Not only is the new Beach House crystal pure, but it's also oddly affectatious. It sounds like a beginning, a journey, and an ending all in one. It's effervescence is oddly what makes it so wistful. But the most poignant moment came to me when I made the mistake of reading this spectacular Eddie O'Keefe poem while listening to this song.

A Poem For My Unborn Children (Eddie O’KEEFE)

hey kids
it’s your old man
it’s june 12th, 2015
i’m 26 years old
almost 27
i’m writing this poem
on chateau marmont stationary
which is only 10% an affectation
i would have used my phone
but they’re playing music from it right now
(i know what you’re thinking
your dad wrote poems at hotel parties
but trust me,
it’s not what you think)
i just want to tell you that
i can’t wait to meet you
one day
though that might not be for a long while
i hope you understand
i have dreams and art in me
that i need to raise first
before you become my reasons for
i promise to love you
more than i have ever loved anything
i promise to put you first and do my best
i’m going to be strong and just and like a lion for you
i want you to inherit the best world possible
just wait and see
this place of the living is
and you’re going to like it when you get here
but it’s complicated
and there are things about it that aren’t quite fair
there is stuff i’d prefer you didn’t know or see
but i can’t protect you from it all
i can’t protect you from any of it, really
it can be hard
it can be ruthless
it can break your heart and your spirit and your back
but then there are
like the one i’m in the middle of right now
here at this
corny magic hotel
that give you a feeling in your chest like
the entire world is pulverizing
your heart
with love
and you’ll find yourself writing a poem
to your unborn sons and daughters
in the middle of a party
on a kethcup stained couch
as mr. tamborine man plays
and you’ll
I BAWLED at the beauty the combination made! Got me thinking about a lot of things like how recently the thought of having kids in the future seems less ideal than it did before because now I'm selfish and I have SO much I want to experience and accomplish and push into the world before I bring kids into the equation. And conversely, I just started reflecting on the sacrifices parents make in general and how much hard work they put in just to provide the best life possible for you. My heart just soared and gained an additional pulse to the already existing one, kinda reminiscent of How The Grinch Stole Christmas (the Jim Carrey version, of course)


All pics from the depths of tumblr

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

this baby turns 1

The doctor's first words to this blog when it was born, followed by my child's response.

HAAAppy BIRTHDayyy toooo uuuuuuUUUuuuUUuu ! Man, I should've taken up singing. This past Friday, the style unknown turned 1 :) They grow up so fast *proud dad voice* I'm so glad that on June 14, 2014 after months of Rookie/Tavi/Petra obsessing, I decided to make a blog.  I was not even a month into being 16, and I was hungry to create, document, learn, and share. I was also a lot cornier. Let's revisit, shall we!

It's a good song! I swear!

Hi people! Idk what else to say, but welcome to my style blog! :-)I set this blog up about 2 months ago, but have been at a standstill as to how I was going to kick it off. It's a lot of pressure when you have the likes of Tavi Gevinson changing the world as I type this. I was thinking, What's going to set the tone for this blog? How am I going to write this thing? But most importantly? How am I going to start? And I still have no idea. Just like I have no idea what exactly is style. I don't want to believe that it's just the clothes you wear and how you wear them-I want to believe that it's something way more than that. I think it's the music you listen to, the way you listen to music, the food you eat, the way you carry yourself, the things you love, what inspires you, the way you live. Style is your life and what you're doing, even when you're unaware. It's a little bit of the unknown.

This blog is going to showcase the things I love, so I'm going to leave y'all with something I really love right now. It's a really sweet, paradoxical song about oblivion, called Oblivion by a band called Indians. (Disclaimer: I saw The Fault in Our Stars last night and I think I liked this song from the movie better than the actual motion picture)

Over the course of a year, I've grown and changed in a lot of ways--for instance, now I would never pay to go see a John Green movie :) I've become more aware and assured in the type of person I am. Ya girl is leveling up from a bad bitch in training to a bonafide bad bitch!

Downtown, Kaylee's Mom Photography Inc.

This platform has allowed me to live fiercely in the moment, yet still look ahead to the future and see past petty high school BS and drama, focusing on the light and good vibes I want to project to the world. I began this blog unable to find the words to describe something as infinite as style, and now I find myself unable to find the right words to describe how blessed I am to have this blog and to have connected with so many of you. I've continued to evolve into a clearer, happier, and boldly more ambitious person than I was only a few years ago. Art, creation, music, justice, love, protest, and adventure are the reactants to the product of me, and I hope to show what else may be thrown into the equation in the future <3

I'm gonna end how I started--with a song. It's an unrestricted, beachy, wild song about dancing by a band that sounds just as energetic, Little Racer. And OMG ITS A GOOD SONG I SWEAR ;)

stay rad stay bad


Wednesday, May 20, 2015


The last picture I really loved as a 16 year old being (I could've chosen a selfie but that's everyday ya feel)  The washed out orange glow and purple sum up the hues of a sunset-- nature's way of signaling an approaching end <3

In less than an hour, I'll be turning 17, reaching the ending point of my "forever" in tavi gevinson terms. I've always felt that the true essence of youth is spiritual thus possible of being eternal, forever. So I don't fear getting older. It's just all a little weird. Right now I'm trying to sift through so many emotions of utter excitement and strange rifts of nostalgia for my ever receding childhood that didn't contain stress over college decisions, finances, grades, the future in general, etc. Like today, I interviewed a band director at my school who's retiring, and one of his pieces of advice for present students was: don't blink. Don't blink, he said, because before you know it you'll be walking across the stage at graduation. Next year I'm going to be a senior which PUMPS ME UP but still holds a faint sense of weirdness. I'm turning 17 in less than an hour and even though I'm trying to stay cool, I'm happy and curious and excited about it. I'm sitting on my bed in my room crying over simple realizations like the fact that pretty soon, my childhood room that's seen so many phases and bad paint jobs will become a thing of the past and I'll soon not feel the odd security of teenagedom. But I know that this isn't about "growing up" or "growing old"; it's the impending responsiblities I'll naturally have to take on that's suddenly now becoming surreal. My "forever" has a year left in this world structured around time. With fire and lust for life inside me, I accept that, for I will always have forever within me. 


“What kept me sane was knowing that things would change, and it was a question of keeping myself together until they did.”
 -Nina Simone

In every place on Earth, no matter how seemingly desolate or uncool, I believe there is at least one hidden gem that glitters amongst the grey. I live on the coast, so there's a lot of islander, art culture which is great, but sometimes the Dave Matthews Band, barefoot type of white dad music that is often hailed around here gets a little a lot cringy. Only just recently did I discover this tiny tucked away record store, and I almost caused an accident slowing down to squint at it.


I went down one day after school last week and was talking with the owner about the value and recent attraction towards physical music like vinyls and cassettes. ALTHOUGH I highly recognize and appreciate the convience of digital music, he said some things that really resonated with me. Plus, the image of seeing your favorite records spin, and then possibly one day showing your children the music you used to listen to in adolescence is so special to me and worth ensuring.

"Music first started out as a tangible item. Now, it can just be plucked out of the air. The listening experience is enhanced through art, something to hold, something more than just the song."

THE most comfiest stoner couch you could ever sit on. There's also a back room that has bead curtains leading to it, so I think I might've gotten a second hand high just from the #aesthetics alone

"There's a warmth to a vinyl recording as opposed to a digital recording. Some see [vinyl] as a soul as opposed to another file on a computer."

All that talk about ~soul~ got me thinking about artists like Nina Simone who not only embodied soul but in many ways defined it. "Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood" introduced me to Nina and I've increasingly become curious about her enveloping, warmth truth about social issues, love, mental health, and the black experience.

Ya girl Nina was already doing these lethal poses long before we caught on

I almost died from watching the season finale of Scandal last thursday, but I was brought back to life with Nina's croon playing at the episode's end <33

Saturday, April 25, 2015


Why couldn't yall have done something meaningful like the chubby bunny challenge??

Immediately, I can think of an infinite amount of better things to do than purposefully sunctioning my lips off into oblivion. Things like stuffing my face into oblivion or reading every Rookie article at 2am until every word becomes a big, fuzzy blob :) The issue with the #kyliejennerchallenge isn't Kylie herself. The problem originates from the controversy surrounding Kylie's sudden new look and the inherent racism embedded into the minds of too many adolescents who have taken part in this new internet trend.

Not too long ago, it seems like everyone took notice of Kylie's different set of voluptuous lips. The left column is how she looked before, and the right column is how she looks now.

Amazing, before and after. Though Kylie is on a reality show and her family has been a hot spot for the media ever since the infamous Ray J incident, the amount of media attention Kylie has been directly receiving has sky rocketed. Mass criticism of her drastic new appearance and accusations of getting lip injections have clouded much of the internet. Kylie claims that the change in her lips are due to a lip liner technique she's employing *insert frog sipping tea*, so we may never know how she's achieved this look, but the surplus amount of adult reporters, gossip columnists, etc. who have been OBSESSED with a 17 year old's lips (ew) should ask themselves why they care so much. And, at face value, why should the rest of us? It's just a girl experimenting with her look. Let ya girl live! Or is it something so much deeper than that? It's evident in her apparent raging fixation on obtaining features naturally seen on black women, fetishing black men, and silence regarding black culture when it gets real. In the intelligent  "Don't Cash Crop My Cornrows", I think Amandla says it best with, What would America be like if we loved black people as much as we love black culture?" 


In the #kyliejennerchallenge, the participant has to get a small bottle/cup (e.g shot glass, medicine bottle, etc), suck into it for 20 seconds and release. After the process has been repeated enough or completed until it has a noticeable effect, the person's lips blow up. Seriously. It's interesting because black people get dragged through the mud and become the focus of a lot of racist satire for their naturally full lips, natural hair, and natural features, but then somehow the script is flipped when a white person does it. When some BRAVE white person tries to obtain what black people are made to feel ashamed of, suddenly the feature becomes not only desirable but acceptable. Hence, the hoard of people taking part in the Kylie Jenner lip challenge (because, y'know, she invented full lips.) They laugh and cower at the new lips they have given to themselves which is an underhandedly racist act that takes another jab at common features associated with being black.

Then we have this photo shoot that preceded the lip challenge. At first glance, I immediately thought of a more galactic look, but then I thought about it and realized that she's doing blackface. I read some of the notes on tumblr and everyone else was seeing what I saw: the costumy display of darker skin. You can't ignore the repercussions that come with having dark skin in America, so for someone like Kylie Jenner and whoever played a part in this shoot to exploit dark skin for pure aesthetic purposes and then to deal the "It's an art form, a form of artistic expression" card is tired and disrespectful. Dark skin is not a fashion piece that you can dispose of or something to experiment with. It's indicative of a rich culture with many achievements and moments of preservation as well as an oppressive societal history and a likewise present. 

?¿?¿?¿ EW and WHY
As if black men are pure objects in which the darker they are the more they just HAVE to have them, here Kylie and her sister go fetishizing them in a way that makes them accessories to boost their street cred. It's racist and manipulative of the psyche of black people, especially black men in this case, when these white women in particular are putting them up on this superficial pedestal for what is really only selfish reasons.

Ugh. To detract from the blatant racism and repulsion that is Justin Bieber in this vine, here's an Alabama Shakes song because I saw them perform at Coachella on TV and they were electric, especially leading lady Brittany Howard <3

~Stay woke babes~


Friday, April 3, 2015

is that tumbleweed?

Hi, my name is Kaylee, and this here is the style unknown if you have forgotten. It feels like it's been 1000 years since I've blogged here which is really upsetting! The blogging community is chock full of nothing but good vibes and great energy, so it's always nice to come back to. I've been caught up with school and, get this, work????? Ya girl's got a J O B. At the end of March I landed an opportunity to be a freelance writer for my local newspaper which I COULD NOT be more excited about! I've been so busy and productive which is a wonderful feeling, but blogging and documenting and laying out what inspires me digitally is pretty wondrous too. I've compiled a mini photo diary of sorts of random events that have happened from the time I last posted to now to gradually get myself back into the groove of things. Here's to more frequent blogging in the near future <3

March 21: 1915 Gas station in 2015

Everyday this past week: I've been thinking a lot about this picture of Jupiter I took in January a lot lately. Constant reminder of how wondrous, scary, yet humbling this world is. 

March 25: I honestly don't remember much about this day other than the fact that I was in love with the shirt I was wearing

March 30: I found the koolest app called Polamatic that everyone who's too lazy to finally get a polaroid camera should get! It transforms your normal pictures into polaroid format, and then you can choose the polaroid filter you so desire. This was at a festival while we were putting bullets through paper for stuffed animals.

It also makes your selfies so much cooler??

March 31: Up close and personal with plants

March 29/March 30: Road trip! Went all the way up to the literal boondocks to make a college visit. Along the way, all you could see were trees, endless highways, churches, cows, confederate flags, and this country four way stop light that was just so strange to me with its antiquity. 

March 29: "Cookie Doughntya Want Some" aka cup of serious perfection

This picture is definitely not recent lol, but Polamatic makes good memories seem like just that--nostalgic, fluid, and right.

March 16: This was such a happy day--I started back doing my morning runs again while listening to the latest interpol album (Such a powerful feeling, totally recommend it), it was the first sunny day in weeks of rain, I got a brochure in the mail from LIM College in NYC about a summer fashion lab, exchanged music recommendations with some cool new people, and started skating again for the first time since my infamous penis incident.

The aforementioned penis incident in case anyone forgot :)))

March 19: Super bright sunny mornings and mango smoothies are an equation for the most perfect, start to a Saturday. The wood detailing with the stark brightness made me feel like I was in the early 2000s.

April 2: The first half of this day wasn't the best, but later on at school my class went adventuring in this path behind our school. Me and two friends ventured off on a beaten path that was pleasantly naturey. To solidify my good mood, I came home to the pretty fucking gnarly realization that I have officially become published. 

April 1: I remember specifically playing this song on the morning of my 14th birthday. I wanted THIS to be the first song I heard on my personal new year. I loved it for how fun and exciting it was, yet how it still maintained a rebellious rumble. Idk what made me look for this song after all this time, but I did and it immediately made me think of Cyndi Lauper's "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" for it's inherent vibes of freedom. I'll remember to play this song first on my birthday next month <3