Friday, October 31, 2014

A Pink Halloween

BOO! Happy Halloween from the PINK ladies xx

Source: Google Images

Source: Google Images

Trick or Treat, Trunk or Treat at our lovely high school <3
Jacket: Party City
Belt: Urban Outfitters
Glasses/Pants: Forever 21
Shoes: Probably my mom's closet


Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Dirty Beaches: A Dedication, A Farewell

"this may not be a smart move & painful1 too, but in the long run I'll look back& be glad I moved on from Dirty Beaches. Thank you all x"
-Alex Zhang Huntai of Dirty Beaches

It's always a bummer when one of your favorite musical acts finally calls it quits :( Yesterday, after 9 years of creativity, ambition, and success, Dirty Beaches pulled the plug. Alex Zhang Huntai, the man behind Dirty Beaches, accomplished something that hasn't been done in music yet--at least in such a modern old timey, jangly way. His baritone, muffled voice crooned over romantic, gritty soundscapes, crafting a smooth but gravelly sound that alluded to the roaring eras of the early 1900s.

Immediately in songs like "Lord Knows Best" you become teleported to a bar in the city, surrounded by images of people at the barstools taking drags on cigarettes and couples lazily swinging back and forth to whatever tune amidst the fog and haze. Or walking through an old, abandoned western town, catching untrusting glances from the saloon owner and from the cowboys kicking their spurs. It's mystery and comfort layered in such a way that makes being lost or on your own feel like being at home in a sense...


To Dirty Beaches I say a heavy goodbye, but I'm still smiling at what goodness I know Alex will bring in the future.

"Sweet 17"

"Hungtai is still a vagabond who’s running from himself even as he tries to find himself, it’s just that, this time, he’s seeking solace in dive bars, after-hours clubs, and generally anywhere a rebel with a cause like him can get into trouble..."
   - Arnold Pan, PopMatters Music editor from the article/review "Dirty Beaches: Drifters/Love is the Devil" 

Album art from my favorite single "True Blue"

"And I just want you to know
that my heart will always be true"

"True Blue" by Dirty Beaches, video by Alex Calder



Monday, October 27, 2014

Herbie girl

Hi goyz. Long time no talk! My town is a festival loving town and its festival season now so it's always a big deal when one comes around. To start this post off, here's a couple of vintage, kewl stuff me and a friend saw.

A Seapony song that fits the vibes

And here's a couple of inspo stuff  <3
Very happy to be journaling more regularly now

Last Saturday morning, the morning of
homecoming, keeping cool and hydrated but mostly cool 

I'll always have a love for infinite sparkle


Saturn girl

Anthony Cudahy

One of my best friends threatened me with disownment after confessing I had never seen Grease, so I watched it and it's easily a favorite...because of young John Travolta because everyone looked cool and I felt like dancing the entire way through! It was so great that for Halloween a group of us have are going to be the pink ladies holla

"She looks too pure to be pink."

With school and the snooze-worthy classes I'm forced to take, I really make an effort to consistently stay connected with the fashion world. Throughout my quest I've just been so overwhelmed by how amazing it all is. There are moments in fashion that just grab hold of you and yell right in your face "THIS IS GOING TO BE LEGENDARY. THIS WILL CHANGE HOW YOU VIEW FASHION." And sometimes that voice will likewise say "WAKE UP BITCH BECAUSE YOU DONT WANT TO MISS THIS!" Either way, sentimental or not, it's hard to articulate that feeling that goes beyond admiration and total awe and maybe that's because fashion is impulsive. Maybe the designer just gets a feeling that they grab hold of and run with and maybe that's what makes fashion so exhilarating

"Bianco & Nero Glamour", Marie Claire Italia, October 1991
Photographer: William Garrett
Model: Gisele Zelauy


Details at Armani Privé Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2012
Armani Prive Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2012

A LEGEND IN THE MAKING: THE WINNER OF  PROJECT FUCKING RUNWAY S13: THE ANGEL THAT IS SEAN KELLY WHO NOT ONLY HAS IMPECCABLE PERSON STYLE BUT HAS ALSO BLESSED US WITH HIS ART. He's only 23 years old people!!!! and yet I feel like he's already the creator of  a world reknown fashion house because of SHIT LIKE THIS:

Inspired by the city of Rome, Sean's nyfw ss15 collection reflected the story and eventual murder of Casear in Ancient Rome. What I love so much about his approach is he conveyed darkness in a way that isn't conventially dark. It'd be very easy to take a gaudy, literal meaning of this story and apply it to fashion, but he sticks to his clean style of design, henceforth, adding multiple layers of design brilliance. 

Before this collection, I felt pretty neutral about fringe; I didn't hate it and it wasn't something I absolutely obsessed over either. But this man has changed me!!! The movement in these pieces is so fluid and effortless. The fabric is rich and has such a smooth, glossy appearance to it that makes it feel like you could melt in these garments, despite the heaviness of the fringe.

All these pieces basically make me want to cry...

...but I'm already crying over the queen 



sources: the style bistro//tumblr//google images

Friday, October 10, 2014

Station Wagon Groove

Hi guys! I'm greeting you with this picture of my foot.

Source: Tumblr

And a couple of inspo photos <3 

Source: Tumblr

I really adore the color combination of baby pink and gray glitter!! It's artistic and what makes this banner even better is the Rookie vibes is gives off and when it comes to things retro and ethereal is there a place better than Rookie?

     Source: Rookie Mag

Whenever I'm busting through my homework, kickin a$$, wiping sweat off my brow cause I'm THAT much of a fucking GENIUSSSSS (read trying to do homework), I pretty much always lose focus by one thing or another and one of those things is aimless doodles that turn into things I become quite proud of.


"Driving past hotels in the night
Your words don't sit well
How can I feel free
When all I want to be
Is by your side in that municipality?"

Recently I've fallen back in love with Real Estate. I'm not looking to buy or sell a home, but I'm definitely checking out Real Estate band. They are the human embodiment of a hazy good vibe. With this genre of lackadaisical and groovy msuic, I consider each piece of music they produce to be tunes specifically. Song has this pre-meditated, worked connotation to it that doesn't really apply to the artful fluidity of Real Estate--a certain laziness that just sounds like a tune. Much of their influence comes from their nostalgic suburbia of New Jersey and as a listener, it's so blatant which is a good thing in this case. Tunes like "Municipiality" feel like being wrapped up in familiarity and warmth. Yearning to somehow teleport to the era of the station wagon.

Source: Google Images

Source: Google Images

Source: Google Images

Source: Google Images

I was listening to a killer live performance of  "Baby's Wearing Blue Jeans" while I was drawing this and every time the chorus would hit I would throw my hands up in the air in this weird kind of way like the hands I drew and the ol' boy at the bottom was intially Mac Daddy Demarco, but he ended up looking so much like this really cute boy me and some of my friends used to obsess over

I claim not to be an artist though it was once something I took quite serious as a 5 year old fingerpainter. So it was just really cool to look at this drawing in particular and think dang those eyelashes and the shape and those eyelids look pretty dang real. And then even more cool and inspiring to think did I really just do that...? 

Keep killin it yall <3

Also, recommend me some bands/artists you're listening to!! I have a couple of bands lined up for "Dedication" posts, but I'd really love to hear what new (or old!) bands I should listen to!


Friday, September 26, 2014

Pretty Pixels and Wild Something

(Disclaimer though it's really not a disclaimer but really more of a important statement I need to make: Most all of my more recent posts have been pretty short and have the appearance that they've been thrown together (that's just what I think!) and I know this is because of school and life and distractions and whatnot, so though these posts are typically short, they still are important to me and it's still an important factor to me to share with you guys what inspires me! I plan to make more outfit posts and art in the very near future so stay tuned:) Okay, I just felt the need to say that! Disclaimer over!)

 Hey guys! Lately I've been pretty obsessed with the pretty images that depict precious moments photographed by Olivia Bee. Every photo she takes is breathtaking and inspiring and makes you want to pick up your own camera--even if it's to capture the most random moments or scenes. It doesn't matter where or when you are or how important or mundane the moment is. If you get that itch to take a photo, I've learned to just do it <3

1. Olivia Bee photography

Summer's over, but this almost makes me wish it wasn't fall. Almost

There are several reasons why I love this photo. First of all, I love a guy with nail polish. Secondly, you can honestly sense what this person could be feeling based off of body language alone. You don't know if they're cold, if they're anxious, if they're about to cry. They could be rubbing their arm from the bee that just stung them and they could be holding their arm out of comfort, glad to be in a safe place again. You don't know these things, but you do know that this person is feeling something. Maybe it's something bad, or maybe it's something wild..

2. My own pixelated stills

I don't normally eat salad with glitter just to clarify. But when I'm doing projects and glitter needs to be dumped somewhere and a leftover salad bowl is availabe...why not?

I was parked in the taking of this photo.

Thank you Yves St. Laurent

And yall are the cutest

3. Wild Nothing, though they truly are something

Source: La mela di Newton
Wild Nothing is primarily Jack Tatum aka the producer of the dreamiest tracks around. He hails from the South and is a part of the kool kid gang of Captured Tracks. Be careful when you listen to his music, as it will send you on a trip--quite possibly one of the best and cheapest of your life. My favorite album of Wild Nothing's is undoubtedly Gemini because I'm a gemini holla of this song right here: 

I mean with a title as rad as "Vultures Like Lovers" how could it ever steer you wrong? And one youtube commenter said something purely perfect about this song that I always come back to and, it leaves me with some drowsy, mystic vibe of hopefulness, loss, and discovery.

"It's kinda like setting off on a journey at 4am and missing everything you love as soon as you step out of the door. Everything goes, but you realize some other strange truth."- Youtuber RobbieMissile

and the title track "Gemini":

This is the song I'd listen to if I were in a field of flowers like the beautiful photo in the beginning of this post <3