Monday, August 18, 2014

The Ending Credits of Summer

Photo by Petra Collins

Hey guyzzz. I have some cruddy news...

Today was my first day back to school (*cries*) and this morning is when it all set in. Summer's over. As always, Summer signifies a period of release, wonder, hotness, and freedom that seems infinite. This Summer gave birth to this blog, and though school has started back up for me, I really want to keep this going! Even though it's still a baby, I plan to keep The Style Unknown consistent as I've loved  sharing things with you guys, checking out your amazing blogs and reading your feedback! 

Pattern blend for today's outfit made with pic collage 

Saying farewell to a Summer of growth and wonder, here are a few pics and a song that all close the seal on Summer's end and school's beginning :)

Back to school look. Wishing I had impeccable, model-like jaw structure 

Devestation of realizing I don't have impeccable, model-like jaw structure lol

Top: My mom's closet
Kimono: Forever 21
Belt: Urban Outfitters
Chinos: Urban Outfitters

I was going for a look that said "Yeah I want to look good and yeah I stressed over this outfit, but this is prison-I mean school- so I'm going casual because who cares how I look."


The sky was really pretty this weekend <3

Will channel Naomi as I walk into school for now on

After months of waiting, one of the biggest moments of my summer was when I was able to get this baby right here, my first car <3 I got my intermediate license a few months ago, but recently I was given this used older mustang type thang to drive in 

So I guess I was feeling (extra) cheesy a few nights ago when the super moon was out because I literally laid on the hood of my car at 3am listening to hopeful songs while gazing up at the stars and the moon. Life isn't like the movies but sometimes you can certainly make it feel like one

Til next time, Summer


All photos in this post, except my personal ones, have been ripped from tumblr or google images

Monday, August 11, 2014

Devonté Hynes: A Dedication


Born in the States (though I  suspect it may have been Mars since this beautiful man is otherworldly in the best sense) but raised overseas in the UK, 28 year old "Dev" Hynes is a gem, a true unique icon in his own right. Not only is he an indie, synth, disco R&B singer/songwriter, producer, composer, AND author, but to some--especially me--he may also be considered a role model as he crosses over into fashion and worldly matters brilliantly and cooly. All of which are things that contribute to his style- a funky, retro vibe with every drop of sophistication and individuality and perfection. I mean just look at the way he's gripping that gate, leaning as he stands on one foot. This man is the definition of cool. 



How I met Mr.Hynes

I don't know about you guys, but I have to say I went through the major brunt of my "teen emo/angst" period in middle school oddly enough? Idk, I'm still a teenager so that may change. But during those middle-schooly years is when new music really began to become something that could draw me in, excite me, and really leave an impact on me, and this boy beauty Dev Hynes was at the forefront of this individual REVOLUTION of sorts...

Actual depiction of what my revolution of self-discovery looked like, not to be mistaken for the French Revolution. 

...(I guess some just have it tougher than others.) Anyways! "Sutphin Boulevard" is this funky, deliberate, crystallizing delivery of a song enclosed in gritty, dirty vibes , fierce melody, and dreamy vocals. In all of his songs, but especially this one, Dev masters the art of bringing the vintage past into the present. So throughout this dedication, I share with you wonderful babes some of my favorite Dev tunes, and while you're listening, try not to get distracted by how perfect his style is (like I was):P

Dev at Coachella 2014. Photo by Pooneh Ghana (STUNNING music photography)

On the streets of Toronto. Photo by Matt Adam

"Dev Hynes and More at Suzanne Geiss Company's Blasting Voice" by Rebecca Smeyne

Dev Hynes for Dazed & Confused. Photo by Aaron Stern

"I'm such a strong believer in making yourself happy. Almost in a selfish way. There are a lot of trends, and obviously you can get swept up into them. But I feel like if you just write songs you love, it can have trap beats in it or whatever's going on in the moment, but you don't stop loving songs."

Photo by Stacey Mark


"I'll never let you go.."

What I love about "Champagne Coast" (besides the name--how classy!) is the complete story it tells both lyrically and musically, and this rework by Clock Opera just adds a whole new, tantalizing dimension to it. Lyrically and atmospherically, it gives off a sort of sensual air, filled with intensity and racing hearts, and it takes your mind to a whimsical place--the perfect song for a sneaky, night adventure <3


I've mentioned this song "Bad Girls" in a previous "Dedication" post about Tavi where, amidst my sarcastic narcissism,  I described how it evokes more than one sense. Really, ALL of Dev's songs have this pattern, and I realized this could be attributed to Dev's diagnosis of synesthesia. For those who may not know, synesthesia is a condition in which one sense is simultaneously perceived by one or more additional senses. In this interview with Interview Magazine, Dev reveals that his sight and audition senses are linked together which allows him to see sounds! No wonder he's so stellar at what he does.

Dev Hynes is more than enough :)


Sunday, August 3, 2014

A Leg of the Journey

Hey guys! I interrupt your day to show all of you lovelies some shots of my leggy legs because in the past week I've unknowingly been obsessed with taking pics of them for some reason. So basically, ignore this post

Watch out for this look that is soon to hit the runways. Fuzzy thong slippers and multicolored zebra socks are the next must-have

Mac Demarco inspired

Here is my favorite song by my favorite artist Mac Demarco--quite possibly one of my all time favorite songs period--that very indirectly, kinda not really references legs  (if you've made it this far in the post, I am so sorry lol)-- but I'm not sorry for this song nor this music video! The song is smoldering, energetic,'s rock and roll. The music video is that and more, incorporating a fashion feel attributed to a vintage chic vibe in the jeans and the way these strong stunners wear them <3


Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Past Has a Future

The shorts were definitely short back then

A really cool song from the present by a really cool guy named Alex that sounds like it could be from the past.

Hi bbys! I'm back with an outfit post! Normally when I get dressed either I stare at my closet, listening to music, in order to picture a certain a vision/vibe that I want to achieve or I hurriedly throw on some clothes and hope for the best. The other day when I was getting ready to go meet up with some friends I was hurrying in order to allow myself time to grab breakfast (food is my #1) and  I ended up wearing this outfit that took me back a lil bit.

Often we study fashion history, observe fashion trends from previous decades and incorporate them into the present-sometimes unknowingly.

Top: thrifted
Bottoms: thrifted
Sunglasses: forever 21

When I had originally purchased each separate piece I bought them mainly because they paid homage to the past, but together, they create something like a time machine, getting bits and pieces from the 70's through to the 90's. The high waisted shorts and sunglasses sorta speak for themselves, but the top in particular is my favorite part of this outfit. The collar is similar to the one worn in the photograph below, and the athletic one worn 3 photographs above by the men with short shorts

I was feeling a sneeze coming on when I snapped this picture but it came out kinda cute, I think-like 60s, 70s era spunk- so here ya go <3

The lovely keds I paired with the above outfit

Originally these were old, stained white keds from about 2 years ago but one day I was feeling super creative and decided to paint them! I resurrected them from the past to a way I could wear them again <3

Cocteau Twins est.1979

A song from the past from a group of cool kids that sounds like going into the future


All images except my own were ripped from google images.