Saturday, September 13, 2014

It's A Wrap NYFW SS15

In the past week, if there was one place I'd had rather been, it would've been in the dreamiest land of NYC at Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week. From the street style of all the attendees to the actual looks to go down the runways, fashion week is always a magical season for fashion whether you're actually there or watching shows and looking at stills from or tumblr like me. So I think now I'm going to stop talking before I go on a rant of how jealous I am of all the amazing people who attended (I'm turning green right now actually) and put together a list/montage of my favorite collection and looks from NYFW SS 15:



Thom Browne

I loved these first few looks, because nyfw had so many monochromatic elements in it that sometimes teetered on a little dull, so these bold pops of color were surely appreciated.

Phillip Lim

Phillip Lim

Ralph Rucci

Jason Wu

Jason Wu


And here is my number 1 ready to gasp

1. The Row

From the first glance, my breath was taken away. Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen (80's sitcom queens)  put together a collection that is just ethereal in a really strong, almost warrior like way. The fabrics seem to drape in the lightest comforting fit that you could just melt in these pieces. The industrial, futuristic set (think The Hunger Games, but in a warehouse) heightens the apparent contrast in heavenly clothes that embody and portray undeniable strength. All of these looks just speak to me for some reason. They're looks that say "You got it, dude." 

And a close runner up...
2. Rodarte

Turn me into a fairy and I'd come out looking just like this collection. 

A magical, subtly glittery song--both adjectives that describe this Rodarte showcase <3

Overall NYFW was full of class attributed to the minimalist theme that ran through a lot of the collections and it was full of magic. The entire event was nothing short of inspiring <3 I'll be back to share some of my faves from LFW (which I'm LOVING right now omg), but before I go, tell me what some of your favorites were from NYFW?


Monday, September 1, 2014


Hey yall! School has been a bitch, but I haven't let it completely consume me (says the girl who stayed up til 3am finishing a research assignment). *cough* :) Anyways! As a stress reliever I've been doing one of my favorite things a lot recently, and that favorite thing is skateboarding. I'm trying to get better and cooler with it and what not, and as a result I've been extremely motivated and inspired <3 I'm nowhere near as amazing as these girls in these photographs, but what I love most about them is their style of skating. They all look so free, which is exactly what skateboarding is.

Can we make knee pads a trend? They look fabulous here especially with the primary colors color palette!

This favorite. I've been trying to master it because she looks undeniably liberated here--like a bird. Plus it looks so fun to do! PLUS what else is better than seeing girls do something that is so often dominated by men?? Every time I see this photo I just get so inspired and want to pick up my skateboard and go

Bianca Chandon / Autumn 2014 from Bianca Chandon on Vimeo.

Okay, so Bianca Chandon. *spotlight appears*. It is this incredible clothing project created by Alex Olsen, son of pioneer skateboarder Steve Olsen. He combines skateboarding and fashion in an innovative, clean, and alluring way (I literally can't stop watching this commercial omg). Olsen's brand resurrects the bold originality and fresh excitement that attracts so many  to skateboarding, and he runs it creatively and quite daringly stating in an interview, “My whole thing was, what would a skateboard company not do?" 

With his fresh and genuine interest in fashion, I can't help but feel like what he's doing is going to be revolutionary. As an addition his hair, and sweater, and face is pretty amazing so thumbs up to YOU Alex!

"Fashion seems like it needs to loosen up a little and stop caring about what people are gonna think" -Alex Olsen, in an interview with Oyster Mag

This was me yesterday, fixing to go skate in 100 degree weather...I'm a smart girl 

"New York City" Top: Urban Outfitters
Bottoms: Urban Outfitters
Hair: perpetually messy
Ears: Listening to a pretty rad song featured below

Here's the song I was listening to above by a band called SW/MM/NG and it goes so well with the vibe of these photos! It's very california-esque with dirty, reckless undertones. Listen to it or die (esp. 3:15-end) <3


Monday, August 18, 2014

The Ending Credits of Summer

Photo by Petra Collins

Hey guyzzz. I have some cruddy news...

Today was my first day back to school (*cries*) and this morning is when it all set in. Summer's over. As always, Summer signifies a period of release, wonder, hotness, and freedom that seems infinite. This Summer gave birth to this blog, and though school has started back up for me, I really want to keep this going! Even though it's still a baby, I plan to keep The Style Unknown consistent as I've loved  sharing things with you guys, checking out your amazing blogs and reading your feedback! 

Pattern blend for today's outfit made with pic collage 

Saying farewell to a Summer of growth and wonder, here are a few pics and a song that all close the seal on Summer's end and school's beginning :)

Back to school look. Wishing I had impeccable, model-like jaw structure 

Devestation of realizing I don't have impeccable, model-like jaw structure lol

Top: My mom's closet
Kimono: Forever 21
Belt: Urban Outfitters
Chinos: Urban Outfitters

I was going for a look that said "Yeah I want to look good and yeah I stressed over this outfit, but this is prison-I mean school- so I'm going casual because who cares how I look."


The sky was really pretty this weekend <3

Will channel Naomi as I walk into school for now on

After months of waiting, one of the biggest moments of my summer was when I was able to get this baby right here, my first car <3 I got my intermediate license a few months ago, but recently I was given this used older mustang type thang to drive in 

So I guess I was feeling (extra) cheesy a few nights ago when the super moon was out because I literally laid on the hood of my car at 3am listening to hopeful songs while gazing up at the stars and the moon. Life isn't like the movies but sometimes you can certainly make it feel like one

Til next time, Summer


All photos in this post, except my personal ones, have been ripped from tumblr or google images