Thursday, June 26, 2014

get cozy w/ makeout videotape

Mac Demarco, such a doll

I think the world has become pretty familiar with Mac Demarco and his good-vibey music, free-spirit, and love affair with Viceroy cigarettes. BUT WHAT ABOUT ALEX?? WHICH ALEX? THIS ALEX

The boy next to Demarco is Alex Calder, the other half to Mac Demarco's origins Makeout Videotape. Together they created a gift..yes..they indeed had a baby together.. *cries* No but seriously these old friends from Canada created some pretty amazing tunes together from 2008-2011. If you're a fan of Mac Demarco, just imagine his current music times 100! Their sound could be described as indie lo-fi and a bit grungy- it's the kind of music that makes you yearn for sunny days and cool nights to do as many crazy things while you're still young.(That's so sappy but true!!) It's like background music for your wildest adventures to your quietest ones. (I still sound so sappy! Just click play on the links and you'll see what I mean) Here's a montage of some of my favorites and hopefully some of your soon-to-be favorites:

Amidst the dazed, humid atmosphere the hitting tambourines and deliberate guitar strums create are lyrics about real life, struggle and emotion. Like in Joe Buck, a hard-working "hustler man" is working hours trying to provide for his girl, despite his fatigue and fear. It's a love song like we've never heard before. Normally you'd expect these heavy, 
sad pop ballads, but this duo gets their message across by staying true to their roots. "But then I get to thinking of you and it all don't seem so bad..But I keep on working just to keep me next to you"

 My Jean-Makeout Videotape


Island Groovies- Makeout Videotape

Heat Wave is simply summer in a song. I guess you could say that literally, too.



  1. Spend some time awayyyyyyy getting ready for the day you're born againnn

    learning to play this on bass guitar

    Love your blog :)


    1. Ah! I love Chamber of Reflection <3 Mac Demarco is just never wrong! And that is so awesome! I've been thinking about getting a guitar, but based off of prior experience with the piano, I don't know if I see myself being too musically talented haha Thank you so much! :)