Thursday, June 12, 2014

It's a good song! I swear!

Hi people! Idk what else to say, but welcome to my style blog! :-)I set this blog up about 2 months ago, but have been at a standstill as to how I was going to kick it off. It's a lot of pressure when you have the likes of Tavi Gevinson changing the world as I type this. I was thinking, What's going to set the tone for this blog? How am I going to write this thing? But most importantly? How am I going to start? And I still have no idea. Just like I have no idea what exactly is style. I don't want to believe that it's just the clothes you wear and how you wear them-I want to believe that it's something way more than that. I think it's the music you listen to, the way you listen to music, the food you eat, the way you carry yourself, the things you love, what inspires you, the way you live. Style is your life and what you're doing, even when you're unaware. It's a little bit of the unknown.

This blog is going to showcase the things I love, so I'm going to leave y'all with something I really love right now. It's a really sweet, paradoxical song about oblivion, called Oblivion by a band called Indians(Disclaimer: I saw The Fault in Our Stars last night and I think I liked this song from the movie better than the actual motion picture)


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