Monday, June 30, 2014


I don't know what it is about this spiky green plant that has been making it trend for the past couple of months, but cacti truly are unique and almost painful (i.e the numerous spikes emerging from their pores) to look at? But painful in a good way. In such a good way that I woke up on a rainy day a few days ago, inspired to base my outfit around them

(Excuse the wild hair) The Cacti of The Desert tee is from Urban Outfitters, my K-Way rain jacket is from Urban Outfitters, and those light denim high-waisted shorts you see were thrifted (P.S Don't let your older siblings, especially your older brothers, stretch out shorts for you no matter how willing they are!! They will put them on, rip your pants, and force you to wait a week for the seamstress to stitch them back up before you can wear your adored shorts again-I know from experience)

Did I want you guys to see a closer view of my desert-y shirt or did I want to grace you all with a close-up of my somewhat existent boobage? The world may never know *EVILY CACKLES*

Black All-Star High Top Converse I also got from Urban Outfiters. My knee is bent out of habit. In the South, no matter how hard you try to resist it, you will end up posing in pictures with one hand on your hip and one knee bent *cringe* but it sorta looks cute right?

Neither Will Smith nor Ashley Banks from The Fresh Prince of Bel Air is a cactus, but in this photo, I took note of Ashley's outfit, especially her high-waisted, denim shorts. So, when I saw a pair that resembled her's, I had to get them and keep them-rip or no rip. 


 Water Turns Back by Cloud Nothings-the song I was listening to as I got dressed

See ya later you Filthy McNasties!!



  1. Cactus are way cool! Hahah, as a child my mother always had to stop me from touching them whenever we went to a nursery or whatever looking for plants to buy :P I love this outfit, btw! Those high waisted shorts are a dream! xxx

    1. Aww this is so cute! I wish I had a cute childhood story like yours but you can't find cactus anywhere in my town haha thank you so much xx

  2. Love this outfit so much. I really love the windbreaker on top of it. I feel like you should be ballin in a park in west Philadelphia with the fresh prince in this outfit. I also love that shirt. And the story about the rip in your shorts. You have a freaking magnificent blog. It's so colourful and lovely.

    1. Haha omg thank you so much!! This means so much coming from someone with as amazing a blog as yours! xx