Tuesday, June 24, 2014

tavi gevinson: a dedication

 Tavi Gevinson
I wanna say I was 14 when I initially came across Tavi Gevinson, my generation's teenage savior. I stumbled on her site Rookie, and I don't remember how or why I got there, so I left the site. Unknowingly I exited out of what would become my online mecca of sorts. My main source of inspiration and encouragement to embrace and pursue what I love. Thankfully, about 2 years later I discovered it again.

Photo by Petra Collins from the project The Teenage Gaze

I came across this photograph that had been showing up on my tumblr dash (check it out, check it outtt: flours.tumblr.com) for a while and it had a link in the description. I guess fate made me click on the link and I guess this is how this chapter of my life began. It was a Saturday, and the link took me to Rookie. It was EVERYTHING I enjoy, think about, and love doing and EVERYTHING I look for in potential friends in a town full of lemmings. Everything I wish my friends could love with me.

So, I spent hours immersing myself in this world that Tavi Gevinson created. A world that celebrated forever, being a teenager, art, fashion, life, and just figuring it out. The fact that Gevinson was around my age doing what she loves on such a grand scale shook my world! I remember thinking that before Rookie, I don't remember ever really being this inspired. Even though I had previously had a strong interest in the following, because of Gevinson, I really reconnected with art, inspiration, words, and fashion with more fascination and encouragement than ever before. It made me realize that I couldn't be a doctor for practical reasons only-it may bring me money, but not necessarilly happiness. I realized that I had to center my life around what would make me happy.

"One thing that I always liked about fashion was that it was tied in with music and art and film."

Tavi Gevinson is simply an icon.  She inspires me to leave my own footprint on the world and I think that's exactly what I'm going to do.


Bad Girls-Blood Orange This just sounds like somebody getting ready to do something..play this in the rolling credits of the inevitable movie that will made about me *slides on retro sunglasses*

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