Wednesday, July 30, 2014

the past has a future

The shorts were definitely short back then

A really cool song from the present by a really cool guy named Alex that sounds like it could be from the past.

Hi bbys! I'm back with an outfit post! Normally when I get dressed either I stare at my closet, listening to music, in order to picture a certain a vision/vibe that I want to achieve or I hurriedly throw on some clothes and hope for the best. The other day when I was getting ready to go meet up with some friends I was hurrying in order to allow myself time to grab breakfast (food is my #1) and  I ended up wearing this outfit that took me back a lil bit.

Often we study fashion history, observe fashion trends from previous decades and incorporate them into the present-sometimes unknowingly.

Top: thrifted
Bottoms: thrifted
Sunglasses: forever 21

When I had originally purchased each separate piece I bought them mainly because they paid homage to the past, but together, they create something like a time machine, getting bits and pieces from the 70's through to the 90's. The high waisted shorts and sunglasses sorta speak for themselves, but the top in particular is my favorite part of this outfit. The collar is similar to the one worn in the photograph below, and the athletic one worn 3 photographs above by the men with short shorts

I was feeling a sneeze coming on when I snapped this picture but it came out kinda cute, I think-like 60s, 70s era spunk- so here ya go <3

The lovely keds I paired with the above outfit

Originally these were old, stained white keds from about 2 years ago but one day I was feeling super creative and decided to paint them! I resurrected them from the past to a way I could wear them again <3

Cocteau Twins est.1979

A song from the past from a group of cool kids that sounds like going into the future


All images except my own were ripped from google images.

Monday, July 28, 2014

elder eyes

Photo Credit: Petra Collins

I think it's fair to say that our "forever" years of teenage bliss are glamorized through many outlets, specifically the media. I remember being younger and looking at 13+ year olds with starry eyes and wonder and absolute fascination. It was this time that was portrayed to me as this magical, heart-pounding era filled with every teen stereotype and expectation.
On some level all of those things are true--this time of being can be so warm and magical. But this mystifying magic can be accompanied by the not-so-magical-but-rather-doubtful things we can't avoid but must live through.

Story Time! This lil post is going to be about a thought-provoking moment that happened to me this Summer. Catch a preview of it with a couple of excerpts from my sloppy journal.

Elder Eyes-n. the way you look at someone younger than you when all you're thinking is a mix between "wow, you're like SO young" and, tinged with a bit of wispy sadness, "thet don't quite know what's about to start crashing into their pretty life"

And one of those things is the beginning process of self-discovery, respect, physical changes, and in this particular post, feminism. I think it gets a bad wrap because the media really only highlights feminism and makes it a story when a bunch of angry, fed up women storm out into the streets with their boobs out in protest. I have to honestly say that until a few years ago, I wasn't the biggest supporter of feminists because that's all I thought it was! I would just think, I don't randomly storm out with my boobs out so please I am definitely not one of those! I was ignorant and blinded by what the media wanted to show feminism to be. As some angry, unjustified, silly, protest. Through different publications, stories, and my own personal experiences, however, I've thankfully realized that feminism is much more than crowds of topless women. I realized that they were justly fed up.

One of the inevitable aspects of high school that we must all face is community service hours. More often that not, it can be such a drag, but every once in a while a moment happens that somehow makes it all worthwhile. This Summer me and a couple of my friends decided to volunteer for my local library's summer reading program. On a day I knew none of my friends were working, I went in to the library, expecting it to be pretty dull, but it was so far from that. I met the most mature 12 year old you could possibly  imagine because A)I certainly wasn't concerned with volunteer hours at that age and B)She was so curious and knowledgeable about topics ranging from why our town has so many mcdonalds to why this boy she hates kissed her without permission. I just listened to her, retelling the event, feeling like an older sister. Wanting to tell her based off of my experience that, the boys may not get any better but, as girls, we can and must. Even to this day, one of my best friends struggles with telling guys "no" and it pains me to think that some of us may never really realize our power and right to make bold decisions and respect ourselves first. It pains me to think that the first answer my school will give for why I can't wear fingertip-length shorts in humid 90 degree weather is because it's a "distraction"... (If you ask me, the fact that I'm complaining about being so hot in class and throughout the day is more of a distraction.) A lot of us probably think "How are people choosing to be so blind to issues that are so apparent and obvious?" An incredible lady who I'm about to introduce once said "I often make the mistake that something so obvious to me is also obvious to everyone else."

I know I reference Rookie a lot, but it really opened my eyes up to the world of feminism, what it really means, and all that it encompasses. And through my feminist quest, I stumbled across Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie...(Take a moment to gather yourself together to prepare for the goodness I'm about to hit you with)

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. Nigerian writer. Feminist and Queen. I had originally become aware of her through tumblr, when I saw a quote of her's (it's spoken in her ted talk below that you should definitely watch) that read "Of course I am not worried about intimidating men. The type of man who is intimidated by me is exactly the type of man I have no interest in." I immediately became very intrigued in this woman who was an advocate for ALL women, and I emphasize all women because I've noticed that some people who give themselves the title "feminist" forget that by being a feminist you have to recognize and include women of all races, genders, socioeconomic classes, etc. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie speaks for everyone and that alone is pretty freaking cool. 

In her brilliant ted talk "We Should All Be Feminists", Chimamanda narrows in on her personal experiences dealing with feminism in Nigeria, covering topics ranging from gender roles, men's egos, and unapologetic femininity. She speaks without any venom, but rather in a way a teacher would deliver his/her message to their students. She leaves you with a new outlook, one of the coolest things ever. She gets down to the root of what feminism is meant to be. Not this division or vicious attack against men, but rather a decision that is made when men and women come together and say "Yes, there's a problem with gender and we must fix it. We must do better."

"Watch out, watch out, watch out.."

Chimamanda inspires, empowers, enlightens, and raises awareness about the feminist movement in an eloquent, refreshing, and  important way. She sends the message-loud and clear-that regarding the future of womens' advancement, all da boyz need to watch out because we're getting stronger each and every day. Just like this pretty powerful song "Four Horsemen" by the rad and powerful Tijuana Panthers.


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

everything is a diary

A page out of my journal that I particularly like because the moment I describe is so simple, but sweet, like the song "Someday" by The Growlers

OH gossip, you troll. It's a trap that we all fall into at one point or another and sometimes it can be fun but it's SO wrong. Like, SO WRONG *hides behind bushes* Lately a lot of that has been happening with my friends, and I always kinda, well, really feel bad after it happens:/ It just leaves me feeling icky. It's been bothering me a lot lately so I drew about it lol

A sorta collage with pictures and random ceremony programs that give off this small vibe of my first 2 years of high school--that remind me of some kind of formal, growing up period

When in times of stress, worry, or doubt, call out to the universe

"Cold Sheets" inspired Mood Board

"...Everything you do shows your hand. Everything is a self-portrait. Everything is a diary."- Chuck Palahniuk

I really like this quote, especially now with trying to get back that inspired feeling. It's reassurance that I don't have to constantly snap photos or write things that happen down or fiercely try to remember everything. Though those things can be/are great, this quote got me thinking that maybe sometimes you don't have to do anything but just be in order to document the moments that comprise your life.

A cut out of the great Naomi Campbell that I stuck on this flower thing in my room. It's purpose?  To serve as a daily reminder to not give a shit about naysayers

Whadduppp$$ It's been a good little while since I last posted, which I can attribute to many things, but at the core of it, I didn't really feel like it. Not for one reason or another, I just haven't been feeling all too inspired lately, ya know? And it's weird because my life hasn't been lacking in it--everyday new bands are being discovered, photographs are being ogled at, outfits are being rocked, stories are being heard, memories are being made, cute boys are being seen...that's all the inspo you'd think you'd need. I think maybe it's just my body's way of telling me to slow down and pace myself after a whirlwind of wanting to dive into everything and rattle off about all the things I love. And that's alright with me :) 

So I've been slowly getting myself back into the groove of things through creation. Inspired by Rookie, I've been keeping a journal since the beginning of Spring and have been using it to just document certain things in my life through jumbled words, photos, and doodles. I'm so glad I decided to get one too because this life and its memories are never things I want to forget. A journal is  like a time machine in pages.

Also I made a mood board* which I'm pretty proud of because I think it looks cute and I was literally able to describe an exact mood through photos and words. Like you know how sometimes you can never find the exact words to describe what you're feeling? Imagine the relief in finally finding those words and that's how it felt making it. I highly recommend it! Especially with music. I think most mood boards are made based off a certain mood (duh), vision, or idea, but since I love music so much and consider it a very important part of my style (clothes wise and otherwise) I decided to base my mood boards off of a favorite song. So for the one I made, I based it off "Cold Sheets" by Toro y Moi <3

I'm excited to get back into the groove of things, and I have a lot of ideas for this blog lined up, but for now I'm going to leave you guys with some photographs from my "House" series that didn't get posted in Stuck in the Suburbs, and while you're looking at them press play on a few of these tracks by TELE/VISIONS

He is the be$t. This is not a proper review or anything but please, if you know what's good for you, do yourself a FAVOR and press play. He makes the kind of songs that you'd play in the background if you were going on a lazy cruise with your friends or running down the street from the cops.

I'm pretty sure this song is about a breakup, but somehow it sounds like falling in love. Like some kind of sweet, high school love and just being silly together

Every time I leave my house to go skate, I look back at this patch of grass. It always sticks out due to its vibrancy
<3 of my life
African tribal inspired mask I made in Art 
"Pattern Blend"
A randomly gifted necklace my lively, slightly drunk granddad gave me
"Warm light"
View of the moon from inside my window
xx Kaylee

Thursday, July 10, 2014

sweet stuff

If there's anything I can eat at any time of the day during any time of the year, it's--you guessed it, I know I'm not very discreet *blushes*-- broccoli. The miniature tree of the food pyramid. The vegetable of the gods. *swoon* Steamed, salted, or served with a little cheese on top, brocoli slays. It is overwhelming to say the least.

All that I've said about broccoli is veritably true, but ice cream is the perfect thing as it's appropriate for any occasion. Studying for a test that you want to make a 100 on? Eat 100 pounds of ice cream. Failed your test because all you did was eat ice cream? Eat ice cream. Plus, it tastes great! My personal faves are chocolate chip cookie dough, cake batter, chocolate, strawberry, umm...rainbow! I could honestly go on. What are your favorites?

I love taking dramatic shots so much. Me gazing out the window at the grey, rainy day

My ice cream blouse was thrifted, the boyfriend fit denim shorts are from Urban Outfitters, annnddd I think that's it! They aren't pictured, but I wore my black high top converse with this outfit as well

I fixed my posture

And of course this post wouldn't be right if I didn't share this song to go with it. It's called "Ice Moon" by SZA, and the sweet, innocent xylophone-like notes that start in the beginning and last through the whole song remind me of the twinkling sound of an ice cream truck


Tuesday, July 8, 2014

layin in grass, lookin cute

Chaz Bundick aka Toro y Moi layin in grass, lookin cute

Later this week I'll put up an actual post about a specific topic or outfit or something, but now, I want to share what's been inspiring me lately, starting with a work of magic by Toro y Moi, my husband.

It's entitled "Cold Sheets" and I'm trying so hard not to overplay it so that I won't get tired of it, but I honestly don't think that's possible. I don't know what goes through people's minds as they're just laying around listening to their favorite songs, but, depending on the song, one thing I ALWAYS picture is a fashion show. Any show. It could be my own show in the future or any show past or present. I just think about how much of an experience the show could be when a song like Cold Sheets is played to accompany it. This song just inspires me to be creative, be ambitious, and love every second of being.

Enjoy the pretty pics!<3

Gucci Fall/Winter 1997

Paz de la Huerta

My phone background

Miu Miu Fall 2011

"Close Up" by lazybonesillustrations

Yohji Yamamoto Fall 2014 RTW

Chanel SS 2013 at Paris Fashion Week

Photo I took of my bathroom sink! The light from the room across hit the sink in a such a grainy way that made it look very vintage-like it came out of a 70's sitcom or something.


Martin Parr by Val Williams

Lynette Yiadom-BoakyeThe Hours Behind You, 2011, oil on canvas, 98 3/8 x 118 1/8 inches, LYB11.038, Jack Shainman Gallery, NY
"The Hours Behind You" (2011) by Lynette Yiadom-Boakye

Dylan Rieder in action *sigh* 


Meadham Kirchhoff
Meadham Mirchoff AW14

Donald Glover

"You finally make enough money to have a black car pick you up from the airport, but the guys always put the sign down when they see you because they know it can't be you. Then you walk up to them and say "I'm Donald" and they go "...oh"

Not sure who took this photo, but this is where I got it from:

The New York Times T Style Winter 2011, "Party Girl"Ashley Smith by Richard Burbridge
Ashley Smith by Richard Burbridge in "Party Girl" for The New York Times T Style Winter 2011

"Another Day on Earth" by Olivia Locher

I love the marshmallowy look to these shorts! I couldn't wear them for fear of eating them! For a future collection, I've always imagagined and have even drawn up a top made of nothing but the softest, cloud-looking type material (think huge, fancy, expensive cotton balls) 

Yohji Yamamoto F/W 2013 PFW

Also, I am pretty obsessed with this grimes x rihanna mashup and I know you will be too <3