Thursday, July 3, 2014

But I'm A Cheerleader + Can't Buy Me Love

Don't we pose so well together? <3

Since Summer has graced itself into my life, I have found myself with more time to finally do the things I've been meaning to do for a while now. Like watch Can't Buy Me Love (1987)(are you sure?) and But I'm A Cheerleader (1999), two great films from decades past and both SO GOOD. I was able to watch these movies and not just be solely focused on the plot like I usually am, but all the other cool aspects of them too i.e themes like coming to age, coming out, love, being yourself,and being free, 80's fashion inspiration, and aesthetically pleasing components like young Patrick Dempsey as Jonathan Miller.

There are so many things I love in these first few stills. 1.) THE COLOR PALETTE. I love the simple and bold, almost even gaudy, showcase of hot pink, blue, and green. Understandably they have their meaning (i.e. pink for girls, blue for boys) but more importantly, these colors just make everything so nice to look at. Everything manages to catch your eye and causes you to look at everything in wonder and admiration at the creative twist the set and costume designers put on the typical gender, female/male aesthetic. 2.) THE SHOES, THE SKIRTS, THE EVERYTHING. I missed it before, but in the third photo in which the "ex lesbians in training" are learning the "proper, right ways of a domestic woman and housewife" (*barf*), the shoes are amazing. The 90's truly made a big impact on fashion culture today because for a while we've seen a resurgance of the bowler/oxford lace shoe and patent mary jane/loafer. And you see both of them in this still. I just think it's cool to actually see where your fashion inspiration stemmed from, and I saw a lot of that in But I'm A Cheerleader. In addition, the cheerleader skirt. I remember first seeing it as part of a spread featured on Rookie , and I've loved this nostalgic trend ever since. 

"Bow down, bitches"

And the 3rd thing I love about But I'm A Cheerleader is it's pure honesty. There's nothing fake about it...

fake flowers being watered by fake water

Can't Buy Me Love is your classic high school movie centered around some form of seperation between the "cool kids" and "nerds". It was so sweet, but the female lead was even better

Can we talk about Cindy Mancini's outfit for a second? Does anyone else get 80's Yohji Yamamoto vibes? 

Boys in crop tops-another instance I loved in which we can literally see where and in what moment in time a trend was birthed. And I think that's special because it's like learning where credit is due. Like finding the speaker to who said your favorite unknown quote.

Kid Cudi rocking the 80's trend at Coachella this past April. What a cudie..

And they literally ride off into the sunset together (Until Jonathan Miller met me)

This is unrelated to high school polularity and homosexuality, but check out this critter my friend and I snagged from the library today! The background is the Hawaiian tourist print grandpa shirt I wore today that will most likely be featured in future outfit posts

Guys...I love Mac Demarco. In case you're like me and are just finding out that Mac Demarco is involved in YET ANOTHER project, check out Walter TV right now because they're just everything that is possibly good.


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