Wednesday, July 30, 2014

the past has a future

The shorts were definitely short back then

A really cool song from the present by a really cool guy named Alex that sounds like it could be from the past.

Hi bbys! I'm back with an outfit post! Normally when I get dressed either I stare at my closet, listening to music, in order to picture a certain a vision/vibe that I want to achieve or I hurriedly throw on some clothes and hope for the best. The other day when I was getting ready to go meet up with some friends I was hurrying in order to allow myself time to grab breakfast (food is my #1) and  I ended up wearing this outfit that took me back a lil bit.

Often we study fashion history, observe fashion trends from previous decades and incorporate them into the present-sometimes unknowingly.

Top: thrifted
Bottoms: thrifted
Sunglasses: forever 21

When I had originally purchased each separate piece I bought them mainly because they paid homage to the past, but together, they create something like a time machine, getting bits and pieces from the 70's through to the 90's. The high waisted shorts and sunglasses sorta speak for themselves, but the top in particular is my favorite part of this outfit. The collar is similar to the one worn in the photograph below, and the athletic one worn 3 photographs above by the men with short shorts

I was feeling a sneeze coming on when I snapped this picture but it came out kinda cute, I think-like 60s, 70s era spunk- so here ya go <3

The lovely keds I paired with the above outfit

Originally these were old, stained white keds from about 2 years ago but one day I was feeling super creative and decided to paint them! I resurrected them from the past to a way I could wear them again <3

Cocteau Twins est.1979

A song from the past from a group of cool kids that sounds like going into the future


All images except my own were ripped from google images.

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