Monday, September 1, 2014


Hey yall! School has been a bitch, but I haven't let it completely consume me (says the girl who stayed up til 3am finishing a research assignment). *cough* :) Anyways! As a stress reliever I've been doing one of my favorite things a lot recently, and that favorite thing is skateboarding. I'm trying to get better and cooler with it and what not, and as a result I've been extremely motivated and inspired <3 I'm nowhere near as amazing as these girls in these photographs, but what I love most about them is their style of skating. They all look so free, which is exactly what skateboarding is.

Can we make knee pads a trend? They look fabulous here especially with the primary colors color palette!

This favorite. I've been trying to master it because she looks undeniably liberated here--like a bird. Plus it looks so fun to do! PLUS what else is better than seeing girls do something that is so often dominated by men?? Every time I see this photo I just get so inspired and want to pick up my skateboard and go

Bianca Chandon / Autumn 2014 from Bianca Chandon on Vimeo.

Okay, so Bianca Chandon. *spotlight appears*. It is this incredible clothing project created by Alex Olsen, son of pioneer skateboarder Steve Olsen. He combines skateboarding and fashion in an innovative, clean, and alluring way (I literally can't stop watching this commercial). Olsen's brand resurrects the bold originality and fresh excitement that attracts so many  to skateboarding, and he runs it creatively and quite daringly stating in an interview, “My whole thing was, what would a skateboard company not do?" 

With his fresh and genuine interest in fashion, I can't help but feel like what he's doing is going to be revolutionary. As an addition his hair, and sweater, and face is pretty amazing so thumbs up to YOU Alex!

"Fashion seems like it needs to loosen up a little and stop caring about what people are gonna think" -Alex Olsen, in an interview with Oyster Mag

This was me yesterday, fixing to go skate in 100 degree weather...I'm a smart girl 

"New York City" Top: Urban Outfitters
Bottoms: Urban Outfitters
Hair: perpetually messy
Ears: Listening to a pretty rad song featured below

Here's the song I was listening to above by a band called SW/MM/NG and it goes so well with the vibe of these photos! It's very california-esque with dirty, reckless undertones. Listen to it or die (esp. 3:15-end) <3



  1. I would LOVE to be able to skateboard, I just don't know where to start...It looks like sooo much fun!!

    1. Go for it!! I don't know too many people who've picked up a skateboard and ever regretted it. The cuts and bruises are totally worth it (and even kinda cool) :)

  2. Hey, I found your blog through Rookie, and I have to say, I love it! This is my favourite post - the pictures are fantastic, and it makes skateboarding look like a lot of fun. I also love your Mustang. I hope you don't let school get you down!

    1. I had to get used to the work and responsibilities again, but now school's not too bad! Thanks so much for your lovely compliments xx