Friday, October 10, 2014

station wagon groove

Hi guys! I'm greeting you with this picture of my foot.

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And a couple of inspo photos <3 

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I really adore the color combination of baby pink and gray glitter!! It's artistic and what makes this banner even better is the Rookie vibes is gives off and when it comes to things retro and ethereal is there a place better than Rookie?

     Source: Rookie Mag

Whenever I'm busting through my homework, kickin a$$, wiping sweat off my brow cause I'm THAT much of a fucking GENIUSSSSS (read trying to do homework), I pretty much always lose focus by one thing or another and one of those things is aimless doodles that turn into things I become quite proud of.


"Driving past hotels in the night
Your words don't sit well
How can I feel free
When all I want to be
Is by your side in that municipality?"

Recently I've fallen back in love with Real Estate. I'm not looking to buy or sell a home, but I'm definitely checking out Real Estate band. They are the human embodiment of a hazy good vibe. With this genre of lackadaisical and groovy msuic, I consider each piece of music they produce to be tunes specifically. Song has this pre-meditated, worked connotation to it that doesn't really apply to the artful fluidity of Real Estate--a certain laziness that just sounds like a tune. Much of their influence comes from their nostalgic suburbia of New Jersey and as a listener, it's so blatant which is a good thing in this case. Tunes like "Municipiality" feel like being wrapped up in familiarity and warmth. Yearning to somehow teleport to the era of the station wagon.

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I was listening to a killer live performance of  "Baby's Wearing Blue Jeans" while I was drawing this and every time the chorus would hit I would throw my hands up in the air in this weird kind of way like the hands I drew and the ol' boy at the bottom was intially Mac Daddy Demarco, but he ended up looking so much like this really cute boy me and some of my friends used to obsess over

I claim not to be an artist though it was once something I took quite serious as a 5 year old fingerpainter. So it was just really cool to look at this drawing in particular and think dang those eyelashes and the shape and those eyelids look pretty dang real. And then even more cool and inspiring to think did I really just do that...? 

Keep killin it yall <3

Also, recommend me some bands/artists you're listening to!! I have a couple of bands lined up for "Dedication" posts, but I'd really love to hear what new (or old!) bands I should listen to!