Thursday, November 20, 2014

cause i feel like i'm dreaming

Lately I've been feeling like I'm in a time warp, inspired by the 60's (minus the blatant racial and societial issues raging at the time of course). The 60's was undoubtedly plagued with injustice and a lack of freedom, yet there was this pocket of renegades that found themselves on a completely different plane of reality. We're discussing the 1960's counterculture in US history right now, and one group that's always intrigued me and I've always wanted to learn more about is the hippies #420 #blazeit #passthebluntbitchyas{insert picture of marajuana leaf socks}

Robert Altman, 1969

I feel like they just had this innate freedom and uninhibition that led them to being so powerful and pungent in the mark they left on society. They epitomized counterculture and what it meant to be subversive. The hippie movement eventually died out, but even to this day they still make little chatters of noise. My psychology teacher's neighbor in fact is a full time nudist (actual, legitimate occupation) and hippie who conducts life like any other person and  I  give my props to him! There is something magnetic and admirable about being that liberated and reckless well into your adulthood, especially now when so much has changed since the 60's.
"There was a time when you got beat up, because you were a skateboarder, but now you beat kids up, because they’re not skateboarders. It’s like we becoming bullies. It’s not cool"

-Jake Johnson,

To say things have changed would be an understatement to someone like Jake Johnson. Jake Johnson is a pro skater who jumped into the realm of notoriety when he was just 16. Skateboarding first started gaining popularity in the 60's along with surfing and ever since it's been this thing really associated with the outcast, non-straight-edge sect of culture. The typical sk8er boi...

...archetype in movies espcially in the early 00's was generally very rebellious and seen as weird and losery to the jocks and preps, dangerous and threatening to the nerds, and really fucking cool to the kids who could relate. Johnson eludes to this in the quote from his interview about his career and how drastically the art of skateboarding has changed.

 Source: LIFE

Skateboarding has surged into pop culture, drawing bigger audiences, and like with most popular things, you have those who take advantage of it and use it as leverage against others who don't meet to them what's "popular" or "cool". Johnson goes into depth in his interview, expressing how the vanity and greed that's become apart of skaters has caused him to distance himself from the public world of skateboarding, instead focusing on his personal happiness in it. And even if you don't like or care about skateboarding specifically, I've been thinking how this can apply to anything somebody loves. If it's soccer, music, art, flying kites, or taking over the world,  maybe the most vital part of it all is maintaining the happiness you draw from it that ultimately makes it that something you love.

 These are the photos that have captured my mind and have a liberating, hazy, western aesthetic which is what I'm trying to model my life after right now :-)

Tony Hawk, 1980s
Salvation Mountain, Niland, California
"It’s like a sacred place in your mind. It’s personal for everybody. For me, it’s childish. It’s like having no responsibilities."-Jake Johnson

Steve McQueen, Stills from Ashes, 2014

Jerry Hall by Antonio Lopez, Texas, 1972

File under future makeup looks

Lucky Strike, 1987
-Kieth Haring

My outfit from last Friday that didn't withstand the cold but looked as if I just stepped out of a desert  I only wish I had a bolo tie to accompany my lonely collar.
Top: Thrifted
                  Cardigan: Urban Outfitters
     Pants/Belt: F21

"109" by Toro y Moi, or as you all should know by now my husband as previously confirmed , has this surfer, dusty drive to it that fits the misty, dreamy vibe. It's like kicking up dirt to reveal the clean truth of what lies beneath the surface--an ocean wave washing on shore and leaving behind nautical remnants of what's really floating in the sea besides tiny fish and turquoise H2O.


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