Saturday, January 10, 2015

beach rats reckless days

Hey yall! I don't know if I've mentioned here yet how interested and intrigued I am by the American southwest aesthetic. Deserts, red, orange, and purple hues, cowboys, boots, black horses, sun, bandanas, chips and salsa..the usual! The history and cultural context of the Arizona, New Mexico, and Texan landscape and style that's traditional in a vintage sense but is so capable of being reinvented which is what makes me so darn dang flabbit yeehaw curious about it. 

Eddie O'Keefe

Often I feel like people think desert and think of this vast, dry infinity with scattered reptiles, cacti, and tumbleweed. That is a true factor, but I think the uncoventional, quiet beauty and warmth of the Wild Wild West is what makes it so visually appealing. Like the way the sand stirs, the chameleon-like skies changing colors, the rippling heat waves, and the rustic traditional yet rebellious vibe--it's a hot contradiction.

Chelsea Boots always upgrade my strut level from a solid 8 to a thunderous 12.

Boots: ASOS
Pants: Forever 21
Bolo Tie: Urban Outfitters
Pullover Sweater (It actually has cool little slits on either side of the torso that you cant see from these pictures but are surely worth mentioning): Urban Outfitters

Driving on my way to school a few days back, but it's okay because I was stopped because our red light takes 1000 years, and I was wearing my new bandanna bolo tie and the sun struck my face in a favorable way and I felt like a figure from the West, like all I needed was a Clyde for my Bonnie. I craved a fajita in this moment and felt like watching Holes.

I've always daydreamed about road tripping with friends through the southwest, going to music fests and just immersing myself in the uninhibited, free spirit nature that I feel like comes standard with this region <3 For now, I'll keep making that a goal and teleport myself there as best I can. 

Squadding up with the crew

The Growlers has more of a surf vibe to their music, but nevertheless they're still awesome! "Beach Rats" tells the story of a beach grom who seems to have strayed in the wrong direction somewhere along the way. Lead singer Brooks Nielsen croons with such reminiscence

"So how did we get to be so far away
from the things we love
So sad to see a boy's love for the waves
get replaced by a drug..."

It's blanketed with misty nostalgia, and the springing tambourines and coordinating drum beats kinda makes you want to direct your own western film with yourself starring as the lead cryptic bounty hunter atop your mustang named Rocky.

sources: vice mag// images



  1. I really love this post! I'm from the city, so up until now the whole desert/western aesthetic never really appealed to me (i'm a sucker for contemporary/minimalist). However, this blog post totally reminded me of my dad watching various westerns (like Bonanza) when I was really little, and me thinking that it was really boring. Because of this post, I think I can now see why people love watching westerns and why they want to be cowboys or whatever. It's dreamy, isn't it? The perfect sunsets and the wind and galloping horses.

    Also yeah, The Growlers exemplify that aesthetic really well with "Beach Rats". I'd recommend to take a listen to "Camino Muerto". It has that smooth western vibe, but with a pretty spooky tone.

    1. Thanks Yaya! :-) Thanks for the song recommendation as well. I'm becoming a bigger and bigger fan of The Growlers everyday and I can't believe I let that gem slip away xx