Monday, January 5, 2015

quick before we grow too old

a mini photo diary of the last few days before the earth completed another full rotation feat. a warm song by Tea Leigh (fun fact: I emailed her when I was like 11 gushing about this song and she replied back to me and I was so starstruck!! Too bad the e-mail is lost in cyberspace). Oh! Also trigger warning if you're sensitive to minor boo boos

I started a journal, inspired by Tavi and Petra, in the Spring of last year. The pages have been winding down ever since and I reached the final stages a few days before the new year.

 My last selfie of 2014. Dramatic as always and listening to You're Not the One by Sky Fereirra

 Though I'm not through reading Rookie Yearbook One-which I got for christmas!-, this spread as part of the photo entry "The Old Crowd" by Chrissie White is my absolute favorite--especially the photo of the running, presumably angry trio. The styling by Elvia Carreon is fabulous too.

Okay this was actually from a month ago on a school field trip, but it's included here because in 2k14 I met this cool guy and we just had a connection ya know? He's just..different than most guys.


By one of my friends, because we now only have 1 1/2 years left of high school. Did I mention how we're a bit dramatic?

  30 seconds of pretending your life's a music video listening to music will result in the sad walk of shame back to your cul-de-sac and a tiny little penis.

I love this photo of my door (shoutout to rookie for the bomb stickers!) because the intense flash kinda makes it look fake, but it jut sparkles with jewels.



  1. So I'm pretty elated with this post, from your overexposed stickers to your pink ladies bomber even to your little cut because it isn't really a party until someone has to look for a band-aid xx

    1. Thanks Khensani! For that super sweet comment and your phrase "it isn't really a party until someone has to look for a band-aid". That's gold xx