Saturday, January 17, 2015

the water

It was a nautical, rainy day in New Orleans last week on a chilly class field trip.
That same day, I became entranced by the water <3 It was a day you could plainly call "Under the Sea, Above the Sea"




My bus seat window was condensating and we were in bumpy motion, but we passed by a local new orleans store called "A Girl Is A Gun"! I immediately recognized it from this picture on tumblr:

and this phrase instantly resonated with me and became one of my favorite collection of words. Because what really is more powerful than a badass woman?

I'm pretty sure these were penguins!!!! (I'm not entirely sure because they typically live in extremely cold climates) BUT NEVERTHELESS, these critters were too entirely CUTE

see ya later, land creatures


  1. these photos are so cool! i'm always amazed by how vast and beautiful water (and all of the lil animals inside of it) can be.

    // kani

    1. Thanks! And me toon Sometimes I think of water like space--both vast and mysterious.

  2. Oh, I like very much that pictures, I really like the pictures of the water and fishes ^^

  3. Lovely pictures! I've nominated you for the Liebster award, here's the link: :)