Sunday, February 15, 2015

dreaming reality

Hellooo guys! I know a typical thing for a kid stuck in suburbia to do is to endlessly daydream of life one day in a big, bustling city. In this case, I'm okay with being typical. The goal is to go to college/uni in NYC and pursue a degree in communications and become a writer. That's the future's goal, so in order to get there, I'm presently in boss ass bitch mode in which I work my hardest to do whatever it takes in and out of school to make my dream a reality. Which includes a plethora of books to analyze, bio packets to cry over, but also, lazy outfits morphed into pretty decent ones and good music to keep me sane along the way.

From TV Girl's bandcamp on their cool album French Exit:

"French Exit is TV Girl's debut album. Depending on how you look at it. 12 songs about lost lust, too much love and not enough. For full credits, consult the liner notes at the end of the PDF that comes with the download. 

Features the alternate-world hit single "Birds Dont Sing" 

If you feel inclined to support the band financially, why not buy a vinyl or a t-shirt? You have to wear t-shirts anyways."

the headless woman--cause of headelessness/murder suspect: the advanced placement organization
t-shirt: gift from a friend
belt: urban outfitters
pants: urban outfitters
bdg loafers: urban outfitters

Pleasing pretty pics from tumblr to look at whenever you're stressin, grindin, or cryin

"You're always looking for the future
And rinsing out the dye
Looking for a moral to the story
That sounded good and happened to rhyme"

Photos from a picturesque, nostalgic music video for  "Gold in the Air" by Jesse Woods

I know I am, but who else is up for a getaway?! ( *Oprah springs up out of nowhere* YOU GET A GETAWAY, YOU AND YOU AND YOU GET A GETAWAY) The one by TV Girl is the next best thing <3



  1. Omg I am so ready for vacation right now. I'm in the same mindset as well. I'm really ready for my life to *begin* (that's not to say what's happening now isn't great or whatever) so I'm trying to work really hard and find a way to see through tears so I don't have to take tissue breaks when I'm studying for fifty-five maths tests :/

    1. Ugh forreal :/ I'm also in that mode where I'm enjoying the now while still idealizing the future. I keep telling myself though that all of this hard work will pay off in the end